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In search for passion.

Here, we dream and we do.

We create.  

We started this project to create a soulful atmosphere that would host a beautiful community and benefit beautiful causes.

We're in search for innovation and we are looking for interns with a creative mindset and passionate about our brand that would like to join our family, we're just getting started. 


Brand Ambassador

You are an influence in your community. You love to share what you love and speak your mind. You like to work at your pace but achieve more than anyone. You like getting compensated for the work you put in, and you will. 

We are looking for brand ambassadors passionate about our niche that can work independently but efficiently. You will work directly with our marketing team in developing strategies to increase our brand awareness. 

Marketing Creative

You know what's trending. You like staying in the loop and love catering to your community. You are experienced in multiple social media platforms and are full of ideas on how to make sure people know about your costume party this weekend. 

You are capable of and responsible for writing in all mediums, everything from social posts to physical marketing scripts.You will form Gaia's voice and consistently impress in your communication skills. 

We're looking for a young and energetic marketer that creates a vision for our products sold and oversees the overall creative process of Gaia.

Product Designer

You love to create and you love to inspire. You love to put your free time to use, and you do it with love. You understand creative problem solving and have a passion for creating compelling visual solutions for all platforms, physical & digital.

We're in search of a passionate and creative individual that wants to put their creative skills to work. You will be working with our product development team to identify trending products and collaborate on new ideas for our community. 

You understand that good ideas can come from anywhere and have the ability to guide a brainstorm.  You can execute quickly and manage your time well, as well as the team you will manage.  You are also aware of your strengths and your weaknesses.  You’re cool in the face of a challenge. You'll be working exclusively within the digital, social and product development realm but understand design inside and out. 



Fill out the form below, tell us a little bit about yourself, and indicate which position you are interested in!