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Crystal Healing- How does it work?

by Valentina Escobar June 03, 2021

Crystal Healing- How does it work?

What is Crystal Healing?

If you've found yourself on this page it is because we have the common interest of… you guessed it, crystals! Intriguing stones, gems, minerals with an abundance of energetic properties. 

How does it work?

In order to understand the healing power of crystals, it is important to understand the science behind "why" crystals have the healing properties they do. The entire physical world around us is energetic frequencies. The science of physics studies matter, motion, energy, and force. Everything has a vibration and frequency, though we cannot see it with our eyes. Think of it like this- everything moves in frequency waves. Sound travels in vibration frequencies, electronics emit radio frequencies, when you have bad service on your phone it is because the wave frequencies from cellphone towers cannot reach your phone. We have come so far in our discoveries of vibrations and frequencies that we are now treating cancer with forms of radiation frequency therapies.


Like Einstein once said, "everything is a vibration". On a microscopic level, we can see the vibrations of atoms, even in solids.  Essentially, different minerals, rocks, crystals, and gemstones carry and emit their own frequencies, their vibrations, their aura. This is where their powers lie, in their invisible frequencies. Our physical bodies are also complex energetic fields, this is your aura. Our aura changes throughout our lives, depending on our experiences. Think of how you feel when you're happy, people say that you are "radiant", because you are physically radiating an aura that is noticeable to others. On the other hand, when you are having a bad day it is almost like others know to "steer clear", you are giving off a frequency that we can sense amongst one another.

Crystals, gemstones, minerals, & rocks all carry their own vibrations. When we combine the aura of crystals with our own, we are able to experience their healing capabilities. Using information we know about the Chakra System along with other ailments, crystal therapy has become a popular way to cleanse the body of unwanted vibrations. Experts in crystal therapy are able to redirect energy throughout the body. Crystals can amplify and balance our mind, body, and spirit by coming in contact with their energy.

Crystals are extracted from the earth, and are made from the basis of everything on this earth- star dust. Using their energy and frequency only makes sense! They are the same essence that we are- and their healing powers have been used for hundreds of years in ancient practices. Throughout colonization, much of the information on ancient practices related to nature have been destroyed. It is time for us to reclaim our internal healing abilities & use the world of knowledge around us to uncover more information on these powerful tools.

So where do you even start?

I know it can be overwhelming knowing what crystals to select so to aid in your crystal healing journey, I have put together a Crystal Healing Kitthat is perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to explore the powers of crystal therapy. 


Essential Beginners Crystal Healing Set Contains:
2 Selenite Cleansing Sticks
1 Gemstone Crystal Pendulum
3 Raw Crystals –
Amethyst Cluster
Rose Quartz
White Crystal Geode
7 Tumbled Chakra Healing Stones –
Crown Chakra Clear Quartz
Third Eye Chakra Amethyst
Throat Chakra Lapis Lazuli
Heart Chakra Green Aventurine
Solar Plexus Chakra Tigers Eye
Sacral Chakra Carnelian
Root Chakra Red Jasper


All of the stones included in the kit are the more "popular" ones to help you get familiar and comfortable with their unique energies. The kit can be found here.

I will be posting more info on how to use your new crystal kit along with detailed information on each stone.. Happy healing!!!



Valentina Escobar
Valentina Escobar