Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals

Let's Talk Cleansing & Charging....

We get lots of requests on how to go about charging and cleansing your crystals in order to take the best care of them....But first, what is this whole charging thing?

Many people begin their relationship with a new crystal by cleansing it first. Cleansing can be performed at any time to refresh the crystal or clear it of any residual unwanted energies.

Here are some of the methods we prefer:


  • The light of the moon is safe & supercharging for all crystals.  
  • Place crystals on a table or windowsill where they will be able to absorb the moon's powerful energy 
  • They can be left outside as well but be weary of dew that can rust metallic minerals.  
  • The moon is especially powerful during new moon & full moon phases, this would be the best time to give your crystals a moon bath! 


  • Water is nature's cleanser and purifier. Rinse crystals under running tap water or submerge them in a bowl.
  • If you can find natural water around you, like a river or stream, you can secure them in a place they won't tumble away. You can also fill a water bottle up to have a natural supply to use at home. 
  • Salt water can be abrasive, so steer clear from ocean water. Of course, everything is OK in moderation :)

Smoke Smudging


  • Cleansing herbal smoke has been known as an ancient purifier of energies. 
  • Sage & Palo santo are popular smudging tools, but they are considered endangered and sacred to indigenous peoples. Make sure if you choose these options to find a sustainable source and use them with sacred healing intentions. 
  • Alternative herbs and tools that can be used are lavender, rose, sweetgrass, copal, cedar and incense. They are just as effective in cleansing your crystals. 
  • Light your herbal source of choice at a 45 degree angle and let it burn for about 20 seconds. Lightly blow out the flames until you see the orange embers. Hold your crystals above in the stream of smoke to cleanse. Once you are done you can extinguish by rubbing in dirt, sand, or a bowl.  


  • Sunlight is an activating force, most living things require sunlight to flourish.  
  • Place crystals in direct sun or a window for 4 hours to charge them up. 
  • Some crystals will fade over time in the sun, so be conscious of this if you choose to keep your crystals in sunlight. 

Breath & Intention

  • The easiest & most purifying way of cleansing. 
  • Hold your crystal and practice breath work and intention. 
  •  Breath in good energy and intentions, picture your lungs being filled with a bright light. Exhale with a bit of force, blowing these intentions onto your crystal.  
  • Repeat as many times as you feel necessary. 

Musical Vibrations

  • Music carries vibrations that harmonize and cleanse not only the crystal but you too! 
  • Singing bowls, drums, bells, chimes, singing, any kind of live musical sound is a powerful cleansing tool.  
  • Let your creative juices flow! While you are cleaning your crystals with the lovely vibrations you produce, you are also cleansing your aura & soul with freely expressing yourself.  


  • "Earthing" is the process of returning crystals to their home, Gaia, Mother Earth.  
  • Place your crystals on (or preferably under) soil allows them to absorb the earth's vibrations. 
  • If you don’t have a backyard with trees, any house plant will do. I want to emphasize placing your crystals by living plants as it can absorb their energies.
  • If you are able to place your crystals under the soil near a tree to maximize the effects.


  • Salt is another purifying tool but it can be damaging to some crystals. 
  • This form of cleansing is good for a "quick" cleanse... for example if you are using Crystal Therapy on different people in a single day. Coarse Himalayan salt is best to use, simply place the salt in a bowl and lay your crystals on top of the salt for about 10 minutes.  

What's your favorite method? Drop it in the comments!

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